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At the heart of Kinta Valley. The capital city of the state of Perak. An opposition stronghold. Factory of brilliant people. Desolated through emigration of its inhabitants to other parts of the country and overseas. Yet... it is forever remembered by its people.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Boon teong's email next time, post it here also la !!
hi frens,
long time no mailing you people!really nothing much to update you guys and gals
lah!many of you seem to be enjoying your training,so different from me..not to
say I dont enjoy mine,the difference is that you all know what you are expecting
and you know you gonna gain something,gonna learn something which you understand
and know!whereas me,well,i do not know what kind of expectation that I am
supposed to have,I do not know what I am gaining,the only thing I know here
is..I copy and paste..modify source codes,just change the fields or the
parameters and then make sure it runs..that's it!what the heck!they are teaching
me the art of modifying!I dah lah poor in programming..I expect to like learn
and build up my programming knowledge and skills here..but as what I am going
thru now..sigh!!!I also dont know what to say!!!People say got to learn all by
urself..mati lah me if like dat!!!Even if Im copying I also dun understand the
coding..know to add and delete fields when required on
ly..how to survive like dat!!!
been thinking and expecting some bleak future when I grad..phew!sound very
extremely pessimistic huh?!?!yes!!!!u dont know how to play golf...but wanna
play in a tournament to fight with tiger woods..doesn't make sense,right?the
same situation i m in now!
well,perhaps it is good that the day of doom and gloom is near!!!with all the
signs of wars and unknown and new diseases and viruses!!!hahaha...no need to
"fan" so much!!!no worry of whether you will be able to earn a living to support
urself!!!no fear of whether u will survive in this competitive world where only
the fittest will survive!!!since everyone and everything is doomed!!!hahaha....
do i support war in iraq?yes!andddddd...no!hehe...playing the fool it
seems...hehe...well,frankly we dont and never going to know,what Bush is aiming
and what Saddam is holding!!!agree??? some of u might say..Bush is going for the
oil!!!what the heck..what if Saddam really has some kind of agendas and weapons
on his own...then,some of u might say,war is not only the choice what???i ask
u,if not war,how r u going to push this Saddam out???this kind of discussion
will have no ending one ler..furthermore,war is not a sin...during those ancient
Bible times,God did use wars to show His power and glory...so we cannot say
altogether that war is wrong also ;)
whatever view u have,nobody has the right to say it is wrong..it all depends on
how u feel and what u believe in lor :p
leslie cheung's death!what the heck!jumped off from a posh hotel and settle
everything!he might thought of that..well,he never knew that he has to stand
before God to clarify things..haha..he still has to settle with God ;)
hmmm..really dont understand,with so much money he has,still wanna go from this
world...i really dont understand...i wanna drive BMW so much,but I m not rich,I
cant afford and I dont think I will ever afford one,when i see one around,i will
sort like cry to myself,why ppl can drive such a car and i cant,why im so
useless,u know how much i long for one...but sigh..this leslie cheung simply can
afford one at anytime of his will,chose to die?!?!?!so ar..i dont know lah is it
really true that riches and wealth bring no happiness???i wonder...really
wonder...how u know...are u a rich and wealthy person???u urself know lor...not
living in riches and wealth cannot guarantee u happiness also right???...
what else?SARS?yeah...perhaps it is time for you and i to read more of the book
of Revelations.
apart from this...dunno lah...perhaps for those of you who are too bored,take
some time to give me nice 4 digits or 6 double digits (toto jackport)...maybe i
can make my fortune..hahahahahaha..dunwan to work
oredi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!like shit only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
take care lah...ciao!

Boon Teong.


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