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Friday, November 07, 2003

The End...

3 weeks are almost up! And this signifies the last long study break for me. The next long break I am having will be said in term of unemployment period. 3 years in UM; at first it seemed as a long period of time, spanning 6 semesters and a 5-month industrial training. Wow! But now, I am reluctant to leave study life.

Work?! Gosh!! When I am studying, during holidays, I can just simply come back to my sweet home here in Ipoh. Eat breakfast, watch Astro, wake up early in the morning on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to watch the Champions' League live matches (especially when Juventus are playing), go anywhere anytime I wish.

But work?! Is such freedom still exist?! DEFINITELY NO MORE!! Unless I am a big boss of a company and to be one big boss, it is going to take me years or perhaps decades. This also depends on how well I can handle myself, how smart I am in the working arena to achieve such a success. Furthermore, getting a good job (in terms of paid and opportunities) aint easy nowadays.

In short, it is a long long hard way to go man! A big S-I-G-H!

Besides staying at home for 90% of the time during this break watching TV, anime series downloaded from Kazaa while I was still in PJ (just need to mention that Naruto is great), and yeah Matrix 1 and 2 (yeah, just watched them!), sleeping and eating, I did meet and go for drinks with old friends, especially Beng Kuin and Alan Lee. Once a while, with Chong Yit and Chee Meng too.

Not to leave out the Big Thing also. I was there. Spent an amount of time too enhancing, learning, and picking up some web programming knowledge in HTML, CSS, and ASP.NET. A big let down was, I didn't manage to really force myself to learn Java and Matlab in depth. I will be using both tools or languages to program/build my final year project (thesis).

Since, my knowledge in Java is still not up to a beginner's level, I am forseeing constraints (time and competence) to catch up with Java API, Java Swing and Matlab interconnectivity with Java. I am putting my 5 credit-hour Thesis 2 at a high risk of failure! Moreover, I don't have any idea at all on how to begin my coding phase! That's disastrous man!

And thus... I need to pack my things again and say bye-bye to my home and Ipoh once again!


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