Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

At the heart of Kinta Valley. The capital city of the state of Perak. An opposition stronghold. Factory of brilliant people. Desolated through emigration of its inhabitants to other parts of the country and overseas. Yet... it is forever remembered by its people.

Monday, May 05, 2003

As promised, here are the links to all 8 Ivies' websites :

1. Brown University

2. Columbia University

3. Cornell University

4. Dartmouth University

5. Harvard University

6. University of Pennsylvania

7. Princeton Univeristy

8. Yale University

Please take note that the arrangement above is not in ranking order.However, Princeton,Harvard,Yale,and Cornell are, most of the time, known as "top-half" Ivies. Harvard is notably great in business, Cornell in engineering and technology, Yale in law, and Princeton in overall. There are only 8 Ivies but Stanford University and Massachusett Institute of Technology (MIT) are usually invited to participate in the annual event of Ivy League Sports.


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