Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

At the heart of Kinta Valley. The capital city of the state of Perak. An opposition stronghold. Factory of brilliant people. Desolated through emigration of its inhabitants to other parts of the country and overseas. Yet... it is forever remembered by its people.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I have something to say..

The weather in Ipoh here is really hot and humid. The condition become hotter and hotter with the arrival of pakcik lah, abang ong and pakcik utar. Not only that, pakcik m will arrive Ipoh also on 19 Mac. Wauu... since when the kinta valley become a somewhat famous tourism spot and irresistible destination, until every gigantic head is willing to spare their precious time to pay a visit here? Are they attracted by our local culinary delicacies like Ipoh tauges and chicken, or the tantalising, cute Ipoh lengluis?

Haha... I guess they have been brought by our pakcik lim ks. If pakcik lim opts to contest in Sabah, or Sarawak, or Pahang, or elsewhere, then Kinta Valley will remain silent as usual, peaceful and no coalesced ripple, and the local citizens will continue their complacent and slow-rhythm lifestyle. And at that time, budget-airline AirAsia might be the party with the last huge smile. Why? Because again there will be many loyal party's members need to fly over there to give morale supports.

Indeed, pakcik lim's influence undoubtedly can't be denied or take for granted by any pakcik-pakcik from skale, and that's why, if you went to pasir pinji market last few days, you might accidently encounter with our country's most respectful and accountable pakcik lah. It's our pleasure and pride to meet him here, and don't forget, this is a golden chance to take a glimpse on him, because once you missed it, you might hardly see him around then, except you dial a call to pakcik lim, persuading him to contest at ipoh timor again another 5 years later.

According to China Press, pakcik lim conceded that his current bid has an apparent plummet from 50-50 to 47-53, after the current and ex country taukeh's visit to Kinta Valley. Huh?? pakcik lim, do you really take out your white flag at this menace? Or this is your strategy to garner local citizens' confidence and votes?

And regarding my voting territory, rumours are spreaded out that cik fong is having her toughest time currently. Current bid is: brother ong gives out 3000 votes. Why? I'm also curious to fathom. If you read the recent chinese newspaper for perak eidtion, you will see xxx taxi association, xxx chamber association etc emerging themselves in the paper and support brother ong terang-terang. In the contrast, we hardly see miss fong's photo in the paper. Moreover, in every local daily, I believe that you all have come across with skale's series of advertisements and unswearving promises, and for the opponent side, can you see even one?

Why again? aiyah... rocget, u ada $$$ kah? Do you know how is the rate to publish 1 full-page advertisement, oh no, a portion of advertisement in the local dailies or not?

How about the recent news that one of the rocget candidate who received a offer of RM400,000 if he is willing to withdraw from constituence? Can we link this to the other 17 unbattled parliament seats' and 11 state seats' constituencies in Sabah and let a easy win to skale? I mean: why the opponent candidates will withdraw themselves in the last minutes? Really considering of their devoid of financial, human resource factors and the win possibility?

Do you see dr lee bc walking around to 'fish' the votes? My dad had been his patient when he faced the heart problem. Luckily now my dad is free from any complaints of heart pain, otherwise, I think we need to drive off to Gopeng to get dr lee's treatment...

But, how about the rest of his patients? dr fooji as future best GP in Ipoh might can answer.. Jadi best GP cukup lah.. nanti tukar ke best MP susah lah..

At the end of my words, I would say, being a first-time voter, like teong and fooji, and other youth, I will have a deep clinch before throw my precious vote. It is my responsibility to vote for a clean, transparent and efficient government.


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