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Monday, March 15, 2004

Vote for the future?

A few things I have to say before I mind my own business and study my Paeds:-

1) The current SPR webpage where last-minute people wants to find out if they are registered voters IS DOWN. I think it is rather unfortunate, or shameful for that to happen.

2) The advertisements by the RICH RULING PARTY are everywhere, from the papers to billboards to radio to TV. I would say the ones on TV are rather tasteful. But the ones in the papers that made fun of other parties are rather skewed in its message, and would mislead an ignorant commoner.

Some of the corny lines that I almost muntah darah reading are:-
i) " When we vote for BN, we vote for our children and their future" - comments: this is only true for certain people in the country, who are directly under the 'feeding' line of the govt. Many have to work it out themselves. BN should stop assuming economic and education opportunities as their property. Any government must deliver such things.

ii) "I really value BN's efforts towards greater transparency and efficiency". It shows responsibility and accountability." - comments:-another round of verbal waste. What utter nonsense. What effort is he talking about? The hangat-hangat tahi ayam-show by Badawi and BPR? Maybe that guy who said it should go visit BPR's files and find out how many more BIG fishes that are not caught. So, shut up about transparency about efficiency before you catch all those Rafidah's who are still loose on the street campaigning for votes.

iii) "We hold the people's trust. We must be therefore be trusted" - comment:- Bullshit. We are actually held ransom by the RICH RULING PARTY because there is no alternative. DAP is sadly so weak, it is almost shameful. We need a genuine alternative to the government, to the parliamentary seats. The ultra-malay of UMNO, the Islamism of PAS, the cluelessness of DAP, and the capitalism-pasar style MCA are way too boring.

3) Did you all catch the All-England men's double finals which our pair Ah Fook and Wan Wah miraculously reached. Minutes before the match, I betted with Piow that they will lose, because I do not remember watching a single important match that they won. But they did well in the first round, I was actually cheering for them. But in the end, their over-confidence, followed by immaturity sold them away. They do not have what it takes to be champions.

But then again, what happenned to them represent the general Malaysia. In many things, we seem to getting there, but hey, we are still of pasar mentality. Just like how some people do not even give DAP a chance in the parliament, they still have the pasar mentality - held political ransom by the RICH RULING PARTY.

4) Forget about all the crap manifestos. The way politics and elections go in this country is still very uncultured, unrefined. The purpose, the mission, the reason to contest and to vote seems so yucky now. Now, I am doubting if I should sacrifice a weekend away from the hospital just to vote in Falim.

5) My room mate yesterday seemed to be allergic to a DAP banner in my room. So did my cousin earlier on when I criticised some current mentri besars to him. What happenned to all this young people who lost the vision for a better Malaysia? Are they afraid of kena tangkap ISA or are they blissfully happy with BN?

6) BN does not have all the goods and answer to the MALAYSIA it was supposed to be. Mahathir spoiled some along the way. A bigger majority to BN in the parliament is of no use. What we need is a new, purposeful opposition with a strong presence in the parliament. Sadly, there is no such opposition in the present. I miss the good old days of Dr. Tan Chee Khoon.


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