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Friday, January 16, 2004

Yesterday I went for the career path at Bangunan Peperiksaan, which is organized by UM Aiseic. The career path, aka CP04 has succesfully trooped more than 30 SMEs companies in setting up their booth here. Not only that, there were few well-known mega companies doing their employee recruiments here also, such as Accenture, HSBC, Samsung, Sony, Agilent Technology, Petronas, MIMOS Berhad, ntv7 et cetera. The broadcasting company like ntv7 even did their screening and walk-interview as well as continous evaluation on the spot to seek for the undergraduate who had shown thier mettle and aplomb during the assessment.

Personally, I didn't prepare any CV or resume for job application, yet I'm still clinching on my auspicious beginning after graduation. But, I'm quite interested with the job challenges offered by Accenture. Accenture, being a well-known MNC in business consultancy, outsourcing and technology for all industry fields, is poised to offer a tremendous challenge to their employees. According to their on-duty staff there, Accenture is seeking high-quality employees that are not only ingenious in technical and technolgical application, but at the same they must be equipped with fabulous communication skills and flagship leadership, as well as seamless team work. He revealed that actually in Accenture, the trend is - every employee will be categorised in the most suitable field and he or she will need to work in group with others in handling a particular project. That's the testament of what my senior had recknoned - you won't have your personal spare time and the time flexibilty is never been achieving.

I don't think I'll loss anything if I get an endeavour on Accenture's challenges. And hence, I have surfed its website for thoroughgoing information about job offers in Malaysia. For fresh graduate, they need to meet to below requirements:

"Entry-level candidates must provide a resume complete with pre-U and university transcripts to be considered for an interview. In stage one, those who meet the paper screening benchmarks undergo a short screening interview followed by a more probing 45-minute interview. Candidates who have interned with the company are not normally put through a screening stage. Candidates who demonstrate the qualities we are looking for move on to stage two — another 45-minute interview which may be followed by a closing interview. The interview process can vary according to need and can be wrapped up within a week barring interview scheduling problems. Our one-to-one interviews are conducted by a recruiting manager or managers and partners from industry groups for which a candidate may have the best fit in terms of his interests. It is usually the practice for partners to meet candidate at a closing interview."

Anyway, for the first stage of paper screening, the candidates must submit the detailed academic transcripts from the equivalent of SPMs onward, information of extra-curricular activities, information on any vacation/part-time work and finally a 200-word essay entitled "At Accenture we strive to deliver work that sets us apart from our competitors.", which describes how one can set apart from his or her peers.

I'm going to write a draft for this, in fulfilling my two-pronged benefit - I'm in the perfect circumstance for draft's grammatical and vocabulary corrrection from all my gurus here, and at the same time polishing my english writing too. The draft sounds like this:

"Being an elite and leading company amidst the global picture, Accenture is relentlessly pursuing its incisive performance in catering customers' needs. Our pride as a part of Accenture signifies the pivotal role we should have as an onshore market player in adopting a nascent ripple or a tidal wave for the wholesome economy. With this reason, we must have our steady pace in not only deepening our ability, but also widening our knowledge and mettle, as well as the essential self-consciousness of not locked into old-fashioned paradigm. We will set our eyesights farther afield to seek best business solution convergence in catering customers’ problem wholly, effectively and efficiently. Customer is always right, and our task is simple and eloquent – we are dedicated to satisfy their provocative needs, and provide rigorous professional consultancies in keeping their business on the wealthy track in long-life. Other than that, we will be the workers that sharing the same vision, maintaining the viability and supreme status of Accenture in all economic climates, and ensuring that Accenture to stay atop throughout the years arrogantly. -178 words"

I'm looking for your precious feedback. Please give guidances..


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