Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

At the heart of Kinta Valley. The capital city of the state of Perak. An opposition stronghold. Factory of brilliant people. Desolated through emigration of its inhabitants to other parts of the country and overseas. Yet... it is forever remembered by its people.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Yesterday night was my faculty annual dinner, which aka Cybernite. As earlier as 5pm, I got clad with the smartest suits - an elegant black coat matching with a luminous teal trousers, plus the inner pale shirt in khaki colour as well as the yellow tie with stitches embroidery. Then, I wore a branded fragrance with some sprays as well on my shirt and suits.

Thanks to Lenny who was kind enough to come far from her stay to fetch me. Albeit we departed at about 7pm, but we dumped into traffic congestion near Jalan Parlimen and Jalan Pudu, and finally we needed nearly an hour to reach the de luxe Istana Hotel. Luckily the ceremony hadn't started, just because our VVIP - deputy vice cansellor and our faculty dean were also stucked in the middleway.

I took into action, mingling with other guests, where majority of them were my coursemate or faculty mate too. Ha.. it did not come to my astonishment when they appeared themselves to be the best abd ravishing attire with idiosyncratic mode of hairstyles, as well as their flamboyant persona. My friend Adam, dressed up himself with a totally black appearance, with a self-made "stunning" hair with maroon edges; while my another coursemate, Sheir Ling - appeared as an intriguing elegant ceature, with longish hair with a deep fringe veiling her right face, wearing a single dazzling ear-ring on her left. The other gals also made themselves as majestic as possible, mostly wearing the satin plain evening gown, and some were with embroidered imprints and shiny baubles or corsages. Some of them had dressed up with strapless silk ballgown too and undoubtedly these groups became the centres of attention as cameras clicked away. Further afield I managed to observe some ladies who captivated the others with their kimono or chinese oriental cheongsam. Guys however, as usual, got clad with a smart suits or long-sleeves shirts. For Teong, he emerged himself with a rakish appearance, yet still looked smart and austere.

The ceremony was started as the arrival of VVIP, underpinned by an exciting soundtrack as our warmest welcome. After our VVIP having their speeches, the opening ceremory was done by our DVC by leaving his autograf on the board. The next agenda - multimedia presentation immediately caught into my attention, with the reason that I used to be one of the committee last year, and was given the honour as the head of multimedia biro in charging of the 3D multimedia presentation. So, this year's presentation gave my another undescriptable feeling while I watched it. Yup, the spectacle was really enthralling and it ended with the audience's loud applause.

Our dining was started then. Frankly said that the foods were not exquisite enough to cater my savour in spite of its five-star vintage hotel status. With this reason, I just appetised a little, and acted as so busybody, wandering around from table to table, and rubbing shoulders with all my pals. My attendance was tangibly cheering up the environment and the jubilation was absolutely pervading the atmosphere.

It was my utmost honour also as I garnered the prestigious best third year acedemic award from DVC. As I strolled towards the stage, I was really touched and my tears almost welled up in the eyes as I could feel the warmest applause and unstinting supports from all my friends. My heart was brimming with gratitude because my perseverance had prevailed. But nevertheless, I pledge to myself not to be complacent, instead, I will continue my hard work as my endless thankfulness to everyone who had helped me a lot and picked me up when I was vulnerable and despair.

As the ceremony came to the end, as usual, it was the time that we walked around to take photographs with friends for memorable experience as we will graduate soon in March and everybody will definitely set their pace to the auspicious job respectively. Ya, I took in a deluge of photos, gesturing or striking my trademark-pose, which might be tantalising too, haha..

It was an ultimate extravaganza, and that's why I never miss out it for the last three year, especially this year was my last time to participate in it. Likewise, my hope came true as this lavish affair ended with a happy full stop for me.


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