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Friday, March 19, 2004

I shaked hand with Mr. Lim Kit Siang!!!

It's now 12.25am. Yes! Around 25 minutes ago, I shaked hand with DAP president Lim KS!!!

I was just getting know the seminar held by DAP Miss Fong at Lahat's assembly hall from the paper yesterday. So, being the "infant" yet avid political "analyst", of course I won't miss the chance to take a glimpse on BG's incumbent Miss Fong Poh Kuan. Along with my parent, we reached there at 8.15pm, while 31-year-old Miss Fong was already having her speech to the local folks. Clad in white satin shirt with scarf worn around the neck, as well as a formal black skirt, she captivated the audience by delivering her anguished dissatisfaction by the mixture of dialects, including cantonese, mandarin, hakka and malay. Miss Fong, who titles with "small chili paddy" by the public, was giving a confident impression, and exceptional natural charisma. The ever-smiling lass had successfully conducted the talk with her own characteristic aplomb, and meticulously listed down inefficient governmental machinery, and how the MPs and BN leaders cheat and give the inaccomplished promises in order to win the votes. In one part of her presentation, she had put an "inaccurate" weighing scale in front for a more effective presentation. She put a brick onto the weighing scale and stated its weight to the audiences, let's say 4kg, but nevertheless, she revealed candidly that its actual weight is 2.5kg. So, the one-to-one reflection has vividly signified the way of some wanton governmental staff did for some assigned development projects in committing racketeering. So she appeal for folks' mandate, allowing her to bear the responsibility to monitor or mentor country's or state's development project for a totally transparent and stellar fund allocation.

For sometime, she also had the light moment with the audiences by articulating her "love women and love men too" statement. Her witty quip can be described as she will always the women representative in parliament to seek for women's rights. She commented that the current disorder society and few heinous and inhuman rape-cum-murder cases happened on female victims like Canny Ong, Nurulhuda Ghani, Noritta Samsudin and recently Siew Fong had sizzlingly alarmed about women's securities. Hence, she urged for women's unstinting supports, so that she can revoke these brutal yet gradually vanished issues again in the parliament. But, amid delivering the endearment and heartfelt messages to women, how can she "express" her "love" to men? Haha.. her austere answer had reversely converted into question to the gentlemen: If your spouse, or your daughter, or your loves work or study in KL currently, would you worried about their safety amidst the complicated and insecure life in KL? So her statement was proved solid to seek for mandate in cherishing women, and at the same time to their loved too.

The devoid of time didn't allow her to prolong her speech, as she needed to rush for the talk at Bukit Merah and later First Garden, she politely excused herself and while she strolled out, with a trademark sunshine smile and dewy complexion, she never forget to shake hand with the local citizens.

Thus, we followed as well to Bukit Merah. The crowd here was much more bigger, as the hundreds of Bukit Merah folks thronged the streets and congregated around the talk spot, hoping to catch a glimpse of Miss Fong, who rectitudely finds her own stardom. It didn't come to my surprise, as I know that DAP has entrenched firmly here since long time ago. With the gradual whimper or weak sounds, yet Miss Fong still emerged herself as a feisty lady in giving the heightened speech, and frequently gained the applause from the audiences. In fact I could notice her total tiredness these few days in wooing BG's folks, as she need to give speech for many times everyday continuosly. I really hope that her effort and perseverance can give her a parliamentary seat after the GE. At least, I think, we still need this "chili paddy" to watch out the scale in parliament and ensure that no "wrong-weighed" goods from being sold out. Before she ended her speech and rushed to the next spot, she announced that DAP gigantic head Mr.Lim Kit Siang was on the way to here from Teluk Intan. What a delight and overjoyed I was at that moment because it's my dream to attend Lim's seminar and listen to his inspiring speech and watch his on-stage persona.

We had some tea break at Bukit Merah market before we back to the talk at 10pm. Nevertheless, Lim KS had not arrived yet. Anyway, there would not be silent spot as DAP, in fact has produced many bunches of high-calibre and persuasive speakers, just like Lim KS. Thus, we found a strategic place to continue listening their speeches. Majority of them are the former MP and former state assemblyman who worked actively in the year of 70-an and 80-an. From their speech, I had known some general knowledge which I never study before in the schoolbook. It was a totally novel and invigorating experience for me.

At about 11pm, the shouts reached to its peak with the arrival of Mr. Lim KS. "DAP! DAP! DAP!".. The relentless voices shrinked and emerged in every nook and cranny. The DAP flag is swung and DAP song was played to welcome the DAP president. Everyone was in buoyant mood to welcome him with the never-ending clapping. Lim, as usual seen in newspaper, clad immaculately in his short-sleeves collar shirt, and the plain black trousers plus the long-journey worn shoes, raised his right hand as his gratitude for local folks' endless supports.

With the fluent Mandarin, he shared his accumulated experience with the public. Occasionally, yet he also added some malay and english words to strengthen his messages. But surprisingly, he started and ended his speech with a moderate tune of voice, which was not properly suited to his extraordinary persona. The on-speech body languages were not much also as expected. I gauge he might be very exhausted to word hard on campaigning this few days.

Nevertheless, his comprehensive content of the speech had never withered or diminished. From the current issues like PM's corruption action, to the criticism of timid MCA and Gerakan leaders, until the arguement of Islamic state, he had his illustrious future ahead of him, if he can gain the majority votes from Ipoh Timor's folks and back to parliamentary seat again for this election. Lingering with current PM's corruption issue, he stated that the perception of PM as "Justice of Pao" is incorrect as he defended that "Justice of Pao", during the dynastic of Song, was woking for the emperor. Thus, he suggested that if our PM Dato' Seri Abdullah really want to play the role as "Justice of Pao", he should resign his post as PM and other related posts and work as the president of ACA. If flicking the anti-corruption result, Lim reckoned that the caught of Perwaja former director Eric Chia and Tan Sri Kasitah should not taken as excellent swift action as there are still lots of "big fish" swimming in the sea. He appealed for a patient wait from PM's next action of bribery's sweep, and he and his party will always support Abdullah if our PM can outperform a marvellous result, and elsewise, he stated, will not turn a blind eye on his lacklustre performance. He recommended Abdullah to exemplify former China PM Zhu Rongji, who showed his full determination in sweeping the corruption, saying that he prepared 100 coffins for the perpetrators: 99 for the those who involved in corruption and 1 for himself.

At around 12am, Lim KS ended his speech by asking for mandating to consolidate DAP base in Kinta Valley with his aim of 4 parliamentary seats and 12 state assembly seats. And yes, it was my immeasureble pleasure to grab the opportunity shaking hand with him before leaving.

2 more days to go for me to fulfil my responsibility as a voter. I know that my vote is imperative, not only for myself, but also for the next generation. So I'll meticulously vote for everyone's good future.

Be a responsible malaysian. Come out and vote. Happy voting.


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