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Monday, April 05, 2004

Below is a direct translation from an excerpt in Force Weekly on 4 April 04, Malaysia China Press.

Undoubtedly, the core of Microsoft is deluge with unlimited high-calibre, smart and decentive dudes. Employement of these dozens of talented staffs is corporate's main business anchor.

Nevertheless, it's not meant that all the most ingenious candidates can successfully step into this multinational corporation. Those who can fulfil the defined qualification will be eliminated too despite the genious.

For example, during one talk session between a reporter and China Microsoft branch deputy principal Dr. Tham, he unveiled that he's very picky in recruiting the potential staffs. There are deluge of cases where the candidates were somewhat exceptional excellent, but their elimination was merely due to some fields that not perferctly suited to Microsoft's cultural-spirit and standard of values.

Let's have a case. There was a pasca-graduate from an elite university with excellent academic. He used to garner a prestigious award from one of his thesis title. Initially his accentuation drew Tham's attention, albeit he was out of pace too eventually.

After the rigorous analysis on his failure, the points he answered during interview session couldn't meet Tham's satisfaction.

One of the factors was: when asking why he chose that particular thesis title. His mild answer was with the assistance from his professor, he chose the title with no feisty aspiration. He added that it was definitely no problem for him to change the title either.

Amidst his frivolous sake, Tham couldn't feel this candidate's excitement and enthusiasm towards his career's principles. Being involve in the work of research and development, someone must infused with applied creativity, zesty interesting and tangible high spirit.

Next question would be testifying on the distrinction between Microsoft and his previous practical company. He exaggeratively praised Microsoft, meanwhile his previous company was scorned monstrously.

In Tham's view, if this face-to-face could look down of his previous company, he too, can do the same thing towards Microsoft in the future. His attitude was irrrational and lack of unswearving loyalty.

When both parties discussed the relationship with professors and lecturers, again, his answers was enormously disappointing. He critised many of his professors regarding their profession and qualification. This behaviour was acted against with Microsoft's principals which humility-oriented, and spirit of cooperation and generosity were highly promoted.

So, eventually, his attitude caused himself straightly fauling from the interview.

What's the verdict?


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