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Friday, August 27, 2004

Komen kepada "Komen Hari Merdeka 2004 - Warung Ikan Bakar"

Comment to PGL..

Sorry to say that I won't be proud of PGL, homegrown movie which is promoted massively recently. I haven't gone through that movie, and not plan to do also. Anyway, with what I watched from the trailer and MTV from nvt7, I feel disgusting with that singer (Tiara Jacquelina?) and cunning-looked M. Nasir. The singer is too outrageous in her performance (although I had a goose-pimples with her, as a normal man), which show no decentness. I can say it's nothing if I watch the same appearance with chinese, but not malay.

And I have no interest with Malacca's history, or Tanah Melayu kononnya. (Don't ask me why) Just guzzle up all the facts last time while studied history for SPM exams purpose only. And I'm somehow fed-up with TITAS in university. Why should we learn all that history? People said we can learn something from history, as well as epitome of entity. I don't think I should adhere myself with it.

I totally understand fooji's expression, striving hard to aware us to be clear with our entity, and eliminate the culture of "agung-agungkan bulan di negara asing". Yes, I'll always to do so, but not by outrageous Puteri Gunung Ledang.

Comment to kedaulatan ekonomi, politik, kewangan etc...

"Tiada gunanya kita ada Litar Sepang jika kita cuma minat lihat kereta Ferrari menang pada setiap perlumbaan dan tidak impikan suatu hari nanti pasukan Petronas dan pemandu tempatan boleh menang begitu juga."

Sauber Petronas is not our team. If Sauber Petronas wins in Sepang circuit or other circuits, it's Swiss pride. We are nothing to be proud of. Petronas just make alliance with Sauber in 1995 in order to build its name and recognition in the eye of the world, and their business in more than 35 countries. In F1, I can say they contribute not much. In a nutshell, I'll proud if Alex Yong is up to podium with our own-made engine Proton (if Proton can make themselves as F1 team like Honda and Toyota).

"Tidak gunanya kita ada KLCC Twin Towers jika semua eksekutif-eksekutif di setiap pejabat di sana adalah orang asing."

Again, Malaysians like to accentuate themselves with some world record holder. KLCC Twin Towers is one of it. But, unfortunately, it's designed by Argentinan (correct me if I'm wrong). Yes, I really hope that one day our Tower 2 is fully occupied by local MNCs, with exceptional calibre Malaysian CEO.

We end up with the worst performance in Athens Olimpic. 2 golds with Thailand and 1 to Indo. Singaporean girl can make herself to semi-final in pingpong. So where are we? What is our entity? What can be proud of?

I came across with 1 article last time in Star. She said we can proud with our multiracial harmony. Perhaps this one is something to be proud of. Back to the root, we should grateful and appreciate to live in a country with no wars, no natural disasters, no poverty-striken, no political crisis etc.

We merely need sometime to seek for our entity in the eye of the world..


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