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Monday, December 22, 2003

A mail from Li Yien
All I really want for christmas is more time, appetite to eat, freedom to go out without feeling that I have to go back to lab, my microbes to die fast, time to sleep n being able to sleep well, my phone will only display calls and sms from ppl I love n not from the ppl that are my lab mates, no eye bags�y smile.

My labs and lab mates are driving me crazy..to the point that I actually dun mind taking am shifts anymore?

Initially this mail is meant to be filled with much anger and resentment, but as I had the priviledge to sit down n ponder with time to myself today, I want to type a mail of gratitude and thankfullness instead.

I want to thank God for my frineds�sp my close lab mates ( not all are bad) who stays behind and help me when I am really stress out..who understands my desire n need to eat in the middle of the night. Who keeps me company� in the process..keepin me sane. Who covers up my mistakes.

I want to thank God for my friends. Who accompanys us during our am shifts�oin to toilets with us three girls�acrificing their sleep. For friends that buy supper for us. for friends that understand my tight schedule?n dun make a fuss when I fail to reply my sms n calls?.for friends that are concern abt my whreabouts..after being absent to many pkv meetings..etc. for friends that pray for me and with me. For friends who show their concern.

I want to thank God for my family members. Whose love makes me feel like I still have a life. A purpose.

I want to thank God for his help, his very mysterious help. Like when I broke a flask which cost us 4 hours to prepare. Jeopadising the whole experiment. Putting me on the verge of tears and hysteria. Because the flask broke, we were spared the agony of having electricity cut later on that night. For watching over me in the middle of the night, making me feel safe. Protecting me.

For small and little things which are able to life me up at the moment. A call from my parents. A small gesture from my friends. Sending me two rainbows, potraying the beauty of his creation. The thrill of drinking champagne ( sparkling juice) in the lab. Of seeing a baby smiling. Fro last minute plans to go meetings and christmas party. For my car. My ic. ( jus read that I girl I met before in shelter wanted a ic for her christmas present because her background prevented her from having one until she is adopted). For food. For shelter. For the weather whether good or bad. For keeping me healthy.For dying for me.

Truthfully, my calendar stop sumwhere a few weeks back. I am very out of touch of time. And very out of touch with God. But yet he continues to be faithful, reminding gently, rebuking me when I stress myself out unnecessarily. Of knowing where to put my priorities. By slowing me down. Putting obstacles in front of me.

By giving me time and chance to seek his help.

Lab will still go on. Microbes seem to thrive on.

As the saying goes, life goes on.

So I抣l concentrate more on counting my blessings. appreciating my family and friends. Enjoying my time, whereever and whatever I am doing. Pray more. Ask less. Celebrating Christmas and taking in the wonder of it all.

Merry Christmas,

From the one who is loved to those she loves. Recipients of this mail.

the pooh fan,


Fooji says: Amen to that !!!! Why must microbes die??? Am shift, wow!!!! I am so impressed !!!! Love ya, LI yien!!! Strive on !!!


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