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Monday, January 26, 2004

Rosy Hope for An Auspicious Chinese New Year...
Ushering into the Year of Monkey, my ripples of feeling are coalesced into a tidal wave of tremendous and tangible excitement. But at the same time I'm also dismay with my fortune throughtout this year, which anticipating that those who are borned in the year of monkey will not have a smooth ride this year in some aspects - turbulent career, bloodsheding, freaky accident, lack of luck in gambling, investment or other activities which involve high risks et cetera. Hence, I'll always behave in highest precaution, high-sensible, and always turn on the alarm for self-protection, and I hope the others who face the same circumstance will do so as well.

I was back for CNY in a deep late at night before the arrival of Chinese New Year Eve. I didn't expect any activities will be done on this day as I thought there will be the once-per-year family reunion to have a joyous "Tuan Yuen Fan". Ha.. YPing called for first secondary school alumni "assembly" after the family merriment. Thus, with the jovial mood, I went and joined the gathering. Finally, we decided to find a serene ambience for a long-time chatting, and thus we made up our mind to go for Greentown Business Centre where there are lots of moderate open-air chill-out cafe and pub-lounge. And time went off unconsciously admist our light moment which I was back to home at around 4am.

Nevertheless, I took only 4 hours to go out again as there becomes our tradition to have half-day vegetarian savour during the 1st day of CNY. After the morning sumptous breakfast at one vegetarian eatery, I was back home for short rest before proceeding to next "venture" - again - a traditional gathering at Miss Chong (our secondary school teacher) house. This time, around 20 of us went there by 5 cars, and her house seemed more "energistic" since her first cute baby was borned. With a fair skin and dewy complexion as well as being a "chit" who seldom seem without a smile, yet she was the centre of happiness creator who entertained everyone much of the time. After that, we had our delightful savour at Ipoh Garden before we were back to Menglembu for our next activities.

SInce some of them needed to have their invigorating shower for stamina infusion, thus some of us started our mahjong game 1st before the big crowd were congragerated. KPek, declaring herself as an "infant" in playing mahjong, began her straighted-game win and her gambling spirit was so high until chivvying us to surrender even with the empty wallet. Haha.. the article I read before really told the truth - saying that nothing brings out the real character of a person better than indulging into a mahjong table. Nevertheless, we played it for fun, and thus our relationship would be much fostered rather than the vise versa. Around 10pm, we continue our next round gambling in MFah's house, and we played poker, sitting in circle on the floor. Indeed, I was really overjoyed with this merriment, and I was much grateful of having this opportunity to mingle around with all my old friends. The happy face with jovial mood had revealed the total indulgence among my alumni and albeit they still needed to continue their tough life and tedious work after CNY, chained to this money-obsessed world, but for the time being, all they want was the precious merriment and a genuine and never-ending friendship.

Around 2am, we headed to next destination as some of them grumbled for a little peckish. So, YOnn and YSin went to market to have some roastered meat and chicken and the rest waited at CHoon's house. YSin even "sacrificed" the front part of his car for putting on the food and drinks - the water-mouthing roastered meat and chicken, canned drinks, chocolates, NY cookies and nuts et cetera. Again, we indulged ourselves immersely with this sumptous "supper" meanwhile chatting around in jest, feeling the midnight cold yet dewy and splendid temperature, and watching the semi-blazed moon light. And I ended my 1st day of CNY around 4am.



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